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GLOBE_3D Release 2016-07-05 - "Blender edition" | Ada Forge - News

GLOBE_3D Release 2016-07-05 - "Blender edition"

GLOBE_3D is a GL Object Based 3D engine realized with the Ada programming language.

Latest additions:
  • Use of Generic Image Decoder (GID) in GL.IO; now most image formats are supported for textures and other bitmaps to be used with GLOBE_3D (or any GL app)
  • New Wavefront format (.obj / .mtl) importer
  • Doom 3 / Quake 4 map importer more complete
  • Unified GNAT project file (.gpr), allowing to selected the target Operating System (Windows, Linux, Mac) and compilation mode (fast, debug, small) for demos, tools, etc.
  • Project file for ObjectAda 9.1+ updated


From: gauthier

The first two points facilitate the import of 3D models from software such as Blender.

Here is an example: http://globe3d.sf.net/g3d/futj.jpg

Coincidentally, the Wavefront file format is so simple that you can also write 3D models "by hand" in that format.

An example made in an Excel sheet is provided along with the importer, in the ./tools/wavefront directory.

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