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AdaBase - Thick database bindings for Ada

Hey guys, I know there are several options for Ada to interface with databases, but I wasn't happy with any of them for various reasons and thus created yet another option to scratch my itch. I was aiming at a consistent interface to which the various drivers adapt. With some care, the database backends should be interchangeable.

So far I've created drivers for MySQL and SQLite and the driver for PostgreSQL is next on my list. I'd like to eventually support others such as Firebird, MSSQL, Oracle, etc., but those will be very low priority for me over the next year. Contributions are welcome of course -- It's been released under the developer- and commercial-friendly ISC licence.


From John R. Marino

I've spent a lot of time documenting the interface and providing a lot of real examples. If you are at all looking for something like this, I recommend that you spend a few minutes going through the descriptions and examples of all the functions:

It's been developed on DragonFly and FreeBSD, and I haven't tested it on Windows yet, but I will. it's already available for BSD users, see: http://www.freshports.org/databases/adabase

I believe AdaBase is already mature for MySQL and SQLite, but reports of issues will be welcome. I'm active on github, so issues and pull requests will be dispositioned quickly if you wish to leverage those tools.

Hopefully other people will find this project useful!

-- John