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Zip-Ada v.52 released | Ada Forge - News

Zip-Ada v.52 released

Changes in '52', 08-Oct-2016:
  • UnZip.Streams: all procedures have an additional (optional) Ignore_Directory parameter.
  • Zip.Compress has the following new methods with improved compression:
    • LZMA_3, Preselection_1 (replaces Preselection), Preselection_2.
    • Preselection methods use now entry name extension and size for improving compression, while remaining 1-pass methods.


From Gautier
For those interested about what's happening "under the hood", LZMA.Encoding now computes an estimation of the predicted probabilities of some alternative encodings and chooses the most probable one - it gives an immediate better local compression. Sometimes the repetition of such a repeated short-run improvement has a long-run positive effect, but sometimes not - that's where it's beginning to be fun...