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AdaControl v1.17r3 released | Ada Forge - News

AdaControl v1.17r3 released

AdaControl is a free (GMGPL) tool that detects the use of various kinds of constructs in Ada programs.
Its first goal is to control proper usage of style or programming rules

This version gives better support of Ada 2005/2012 constructs... especially in the handling of anonymous subtypes.

Initial development of AdaControl was sponsored by Eurocontrol. Some rules were sponsored by BelgoControl, Alstom-Transport, Ansaldo-STS (prev. CSEE-Transport), and SAGEM-DS. It is a mature tool, routinely used to check Ada codes at Eurocontrol (Brussels, more than 2_000_000 SLOC, Maastricht), BelgoControl, Alstom, Ansaldo-STS, Faiveley, SAGEM-DS (level DO178B/A)... It has also been run against all executable tests from the ACATS.

AdaControl is an ASIS application.

It can be downloaded from the AdaControl page on the http://www.adalog.fr site.