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GNOGA v1.1a released | Ada Forge - News

GNOGA v1.1a released

Gnoga uses modern web technologies to allow simple creation of cross platform GUIs for Ada with native or custom look and feels that perform on par to native toolsets locally and can be easily and securely remoted as web apps over the internet as well.

In addition to bug fixes and vastly increased stability adds:
  • Completed multimedia bindings
  • Easier boot file creation by just including boot.js in any html file
  • Direct HTTPS and Secure Websockets
  • HTTP polling with Ajax including fallback support (using auto.html bootfile)

Download gnoga-v1.1a.zip
git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/gnoga/code gnogaor
git refresh ; git stash; git merge
or go to SourceForge

  • GPLv3 license with Runtime Exceptions.
From David Botton

Gnoga Features:
  • Realtime live server push web-app technology for web
  • Native Gtk Front end for desktop
  • Native Mac OS X applications that can be submitted to the App Store
  • Write complex web-apps or desktop apps with no HTML or JS
  • The same code base can deploy as a web-app, desktop or mobile app
  • Server side and client side development is in same code base and all in Ada 2012
  • Gnoga applications are clear and easy to read and write
  • Extensive concurrency support
  • Integrates easily with C/C++ or any other server side language or library
  • Bind any javascript based client libraries to take advantage of existing UI developments